Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun with Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan and I had fun with the camera on Thanksgiving while Uncle Ghent, Mom, and Aunt Nina scavenged the leftovers and Dad fantasized about being in his basement, listening to rap and playing Xbox.

"Hey, Uncle Dan," I whispered. "Remember what we talked about that time on the phone?"

"You mean the camera game?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's the one!" (Uncle Dan and I can read each other like books. Oh, wait ... I don't know how to read books yet. Maybe Aunt Nina will read me a nice, thick, 19th-century Russian novel someday.)

Anyway, Uncle Dan got his camera out. "Look, Ella," he said. "I'll make faces. I bet you won't be able to keep from laughing."

"Oh, yes I will," I said defiantly. "You can't make me laugh. I'll just keep my eyes closed. Like this. See?"

I giggled a little, but Uncle Dan was so impressed that he took the camera out and snapped the first picture.

He looked so silly I had to shut my eyes and hide my mouth in my pretty dress because I was laughing so hard.

"OK, Ella, we're both going to smile this time, right?"

"OK," I said. (Actually, I said "aaahh ... ah ahhh," but it was Baby Talk for "OK.") So I put on my sweetest little smile and he snapped the picture.

And wouldn't you know it ... I blinked! I've either inherited GG's bad luck, or Uncle Ghent's non-photogenic-ness. I don't know which is worse.

Then I noticed a movement to my left.

"Here comes Mommy!" I said. "I'm going to pretend to be asleep in this one. Let's see if we can fool her!" So I shut my eyes tight and started to snore.

"No, Ella," said Uncle Dan. "Don't snore. She'll never believe you're really sleeping. Just make your tongue loll out of your mouth instead. That's how your Uncle Ghent used to fake-sleep. It worked for him every time."

But it was too late for me to do anything else. I heard Mommy talking.

"Dan, would you like me to get a picture of you and Ella with the camera?"

"No, that's OK," said Uncle Dan. "Ella and I are having fun. See? Ella Bella, smile for the camera!" I tried to hide my face and wear my most serious "I-am-sleeping-and-wish-not-to-be-disturbed" face. Then he snapped the last picture.

I can look very serious and somber when I want to. (This is clearly not a trait I have inherited from Uncle Dan.)

The End.

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Jennifer said...

this was the cutest lil story!
that ella... what wit! i love her already.