Saturday, February 5, 2011

Potty training "boot" camp...

Ella, Anne, and Marlee
Ella and Marlee playing in Marlee's bed

Watching Elmo's potty video while finishing treats from using potty! (Marlee finished hers already and decided to eat Elmo!)

Ella and I spent the day at the Owenby's trying to motivate our girls to use the potty more. We dove right in and just put them in big girl underwear. When I told Ella we were going to Marlee and April's house for a "potty party," she immediately said, "We need cup a cakes!" So on the way to their house, we stopped and picked out cup a cakes to share... The girls had a blast and NO they are not potty trained but it was fun! There was some success plus we got to spend some much needed time with friends. Nina and Anne were also in the area and came by for some play time and lunch. Fun Saturday and hopefully, a jumpstart on the potty training business!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A child's faith...

So it has, once again, been a while.... Ella has me thinking though after watching and listening to her this Christmas season. For over a month we have been reading lots of books that Ella calls her "Jesus books" and her excitement over Jesus's birthday has been building. Of course she also believes that every birthday that comes and goes is also hers! She loved finding baby Jesus in the books and learned quickly the difference in the wisemen, shepherds, and angels. As we got close to Christmas day I began preparing her for our family service at church which involves the children choosing a part to play as the story of Jesus's birth unfolds. All week she insisted she was going to be a wiseman, NOT an angel! She planned on wearing a crown and carrying a gift for baby Jesus. Christmas eve morning she decided suddenly that she was going to be a shepherd! As we entered church, we got her head covering for her "costume" and took our seat in the sanctuary. Cousin baby Anne (1 year old) also got to be a shepherd because of Ella's choice, so we sat, missing Stephen (he had to work), but were grateful to be with Paw Paw, GG, Nina, Dan and Anne. Throughout the service she repeated the minister "playing his part" as he wondered why all the people were in the church on a Friday night. "Why are you here?" Ella questioned loudly repeating him. She happily went down front with me to be a shepherd and watched interestingly as Mary, Joseph and Jesus entered the sanctuary to Silent Night. As I held her in my lap, I had to fight back the tears as I thought that 2 short years ago that was me, Stephen and baby Ella. Here she sat in my lap, talking, walking and growing up too fast.

After returning home from a great reminder of the birth of Jesus, Stephen arrived home, ate dinner with us and prepared for the evening. After getting Ella's bath, pj jamas (this is how Ella says it), we went outside to put out the reindeer food (a new family tradition, thanks to Mandi who made it with our girls). Ella giggled and enjoyed throwing it into the yard. As we finished and turned to go back inside, she stopped suddenly on the porch and said, "I hear them!, I hear them!" Blind faith! From the mouths of babes, we are reminded to have complete faith and believe that God is in charge and knows what is best for us. I can hear her voice and certainty in hearing the reindeer and am now praying diligently to hear God's voice as clearly as she heard those reindeer coming to find their food!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I want some rocks, momma.

Ella is talking so much these days. It seems like yesterday she was muttering her first words and slowly adding one word here and there. In time for her 18 month well visit I made a list of words that she uses often and now only 1 month later she is saying complete sentences. Her first sentence was, "I want some." These was referring to the sweet tea she saw me drinking while driving.... The next complete sentence was said with confidence and wanting no help from me, "I do it!" She has been saying these two sentences for about 2 weeks and then walking down the road 2 nights ago, I heard, "I want some rocks, momma." I have decided Ella may become a geologist one day. She is obsessed with them as we walk. She can even identify little versus big. It is amazing to see her progression and to realize that she understands absolutely everything around her! I am so grateful that she continues to be healthy, happy and such a joy! I promise to try to do better to update the blog for those of you who keep up with us. The pictures were taken by a friend, Mandi Burdette. If you are in the Brevard area and want professional pictures done, let me know and I can give you her information!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Pretty girl.
Wearing mommies shoes

At the nature center with cousins and Lucy McLean

Hollywood with Kitty wearing a bow!

Hollywood is Ella's newest nickname. It would be because she has worn these sunglasses (present from Aunt Nina) and another pair for 4 days now...inside or out, playing or napping. When someone tries to take them off of her, she pushes our hands away, shoves the glasses back up her nose and says, "NO!" I guess she likes them! She has also found the pile of "baby" bows that were stacked on her dresser and has decided that her Kitty Cat, LSU doll and Lamby all need bows. She points at the bow and says, "Booowwwa." She is definately becoming her own person with her own opinion. We are welcoming the 2's at 18 months but can not complain as she is very sweet and loving. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's been a while...

So it has been a while since we (me or Ella) last posted an update. Let's see. What has been happening? Ella is talking some now....Mama (not used very often), Dada or Daddie (said often and over and over again), An -die (she loves her dog), dawg, more (ususally through sign language and referring to her food), GG, PaPa(supposed to be Paw Paw), B, Pop, Ahn (cousin Anne), Eli-n (this was her first name outside of the family - Elin you should be proud!), cheeees (cheese- which she loves!), El-la (she learned her own name from hearing her little friend Marlee say it over and over on the way to Asheville one day - we got home and hours later looked at me and said El-la - Thanks Marlee!), several others too but not coming to my tired brain right now!

After many ear infections since October 30, we are having tubes put in her ears Monday morning, April 5. Please pray for everything to go smoothly as I am sure it will. Also pray the same for her sweet friend, Lucy McLean who will also be getting tubes the same morning...atleast we will be at the hospital with our friends!

We are enjoying watching our "baby" grow so fast and learn so quickly. Will try to do better with doing updates and posting pics!

Happy Easter! Above are some pictures of Ella hunting her first eggs...she had fun and quickly realized there was food in the eggs - would crack them open and get busy eating!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anne Megan Rogers

Baby Anne Megan Rogers joined the family on Saturday evening weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19.5 inches long. Mom (Nina) and baby are doing great!

What a priviledge and honor it was to be with them during the process. Nina is the bravest woman I know and is so strong! She labored for almost 16 hours before Anne was born. I got to spend some time with them this morning before returning to Brevard to pick Ella up. Anne is very sweet and already has Dan wrapped around her finger.

Thank you to the Dodson's and the Monk's (including Allison and her kids) who all helped take care of Ella while I was gone and Stephen worked. How lucky I am to have a wonderful friends and family who love Ella like we do. Stephen did a great job too on his own all night Saturday night! Ella loved having her Dada in charge. We know this by the babbling of Dadadadadada that she says as she looks around for him!

Ella and Stephen will meet Anne on Tuesday and I am so excited to get to hold her and love on her again! I will upload some more pictures after I can download them from our new camera...Good job Nina and Dan on bringing a precious gift to our family and the world! It will be a better place with her here. We love you all!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Ella

One year ago to this moment, I was laying in my hospital bed relieved, exhausted, excited and elated to be holding and laying next to Ella Baxley Monk. Stephen eventually drifted off to sleep in the uncomfortable chair/ bed across the room. (I say across with the room with some sarcasm - the room was so small, he feet touched my bed when he layed the chair down) I layed on the bed on my side, my head propped on my hand as I stared at this itty bitty baby girl - dark skin, black hair and blue eyes sleeping beside me. I couldn't believe she was ours. I couldn't believe she had arrived. I couldn't believe she had been in my body and was now laying beside me. Now I can't believe that I ever had a time in my life when I didn't know her. I remember wondering when I was pregnant what she would be like. Now I am amazed at this remembrance... I can't fathom not having her in my life. I stayed awake all night long. Staring. All night. She wasn't fussy. She wasn't crying. She was just laying there, all bundled up, purple hat from the hospital on her head full of hair, sighing and sleeping. I couldn't believe she was ours.

Today, we celebrated her first birthday. She was precious as usual. Unfortunately she was not quite her usual self... ear infections in both ears caused her to be a little bit clingy, but overall, was happy and sweet as usual. She was curious about her cake. She did not dig right in, but put one finger on it, pulled it back and stared. She was serious and studied this new thing in front of her. This is typical of how to reacts to new situations or people. She ate a few bites of cake and then started pointing.... banana. She wanted her banana left over from her lunch. I won't complain. It could be worse.

I left as my WONDERFUL family (Mom, Brenda, Allison, Dad, Nina, Dan and Stephen) stayed behind to clean up. Ella was tired and in need of a nap. The tylenol set in as we came in the house and she perked up a little. She was able to open a few gifts and play for a little bit as I cleaned up as family arrived with the stuff. After everyone left I decided that I was ready for a nap even if she didn't think she was. I put her on my bed with her "kitty cat" stuffed animal that she loves dearly. She played, crawled around, layed down on me and was restless for a few minutes. Then she leaned against me and settled in. I sang a few lullabys to her and within a matter of minutes she literally fell over, her head landing on my pillow. Both of her hands were gripping my right arm as she curled up and drifted off. I allowed myself to ignore the dishes in the kitchen for the next few hours and enjoy my time holding my baby girl. I layed there and listened to her breath as she sighed. This time instead of a hospital hat, bundled in a blanket I held a one year old dressed in a smocked dress from GG and a matching red bow holding back her long light brown hair out of her beautiful face. I slept some but mostly stared. Stared at her in wonder at where the last year has gone.

Overall a fun, special day. I will sleep tonight without her in my bed. I will not stare at her all night long but will rest so that tomorrow Iwill be rested enough to continue making memories together as a family of times we spend together loving her and watching her grow. Happy Birthday Baby Ella. I love you! (pictures later after I have a chance to download them...)